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Cutest Nerd NA <3
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gh0stpuke: I JUST SAW YOUR ARCHEAGE POST. AND I AM HERE TO TELL YOU THAT OPEN BETA IS SOON (from what I know) AND THE GAME WILL BE RELEASED IN JUST A FEW MONTHS. I'm not sure if there will be another closed beta, but signing up with your email gives you the chance to be invited to it, and they have a few sites that give out beta keys. (I played the last closed beta, and it is WONDERFUL. You def won't be disappointed) 

ooo yes, idk if i’d play archage tho :( i simply cant afford to buy another game at the moment! those screenies were given to me by someone, haha. i would love to play it tho :(

- kittie / dollliah
itsybitsybuttons: I just made my Tera blog (long overdue) and I found you browsing the Tera tags. Between you and your gifs/edits, I just fell in LOVE with your blog. Thank you for all your obvious hard work! <3 

awhh! thank you so much! and welcome to tumblr! i cant wait to see what you post! <3 

- kittie / dollliah
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Peppermint & Mint

Sauori and I look so adorable in our twin school dresses.. i love how we look like icecream flavors haha! So i got this costume from her, because she felt bad that i was moping around feeling sorry for myself because i was /broke. x.x thank you baby girl!


besties forever!

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Jiggy sat in a dark room. The words “Mithril Victory” filled up the screen. Not even Jiggy’s Zerker could win this GvG. 7/1 K/D. Tears filled Jiggies eyes as he carassed his Axe. The sound of hard core gangster rap and crying filled the room. The door creaks open and chode enters the room. “You…

… my guild.. le sigh…… x.x

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maybe you guys can help me out!

I play on tera on the server MT (mount tyrannas) and am currently looking for the owner of the level 1 human named Kittie, because i would like to purchase the name. I have asked a GM if it was possible to have the char deleted if they havent logged in for a while, but they told me the can neither give me the character’s main info or delete the character.. so if you are the owner of the name Kittie on mount tyrannas, or know the person who is the owner of it, can you please message me?

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This Mad World...

figured id post something…. i havent done so in a while..

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adventuresoftera: Just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog and your edits! I could stay on your blog forever it's so perfect *-* And your edits is just amazing, i dont know what i would do without them! ♥ ♥ ♥ 

oh wow, ^.^ thank you so much<3 you totally made my day that much better! haha i hope i dont disappoint you in the furture! >.<

- kittie / dollliah
littlebead: hello! I so love your creativity! Thank you for all your work, they are wonderful ! 

hey there! thank you so much! i love your blog.. <3

- kittie / dollliah
Anonymous: Once you get this, you must state 5 of your favourite things about yourself publicly and then send it to 10 of your favorite blogs! Sorry if it doesn't comply with your blog theme but it's a good way to spread some positivity 

oh dear… >.< um.. let’s see..

  1. Thunder, rain, skies and clouds (i think they all qualify as one) 
  2. Felines x.x i love them.. cats, kittens, tigers, lions.. etc.. 
  3. Cooking. i love to cook.. 
  4. Drawing/Art
  5. Astronomy/Star gazing <3
- kittie / dollliah
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for those who all wonder where i take my pics.. requests are open, just send me a message asking me what you’re interested in. <3

for other great links, check out my link page

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Where is That Place

ive gotten alot of requests asking me where i took some of  my photosets in tera.. like the Love Cottage and Secret Garden pictures.. i’ll be needing requests of places for my new “page” so if you have a question as to where a certain pic was taken, drop me a message or just answer here <3 thank you for your help! Where’s your “where’s that place” question?

gethfetish: how do u get to the secret garden tell me 

haha, its the view you have right outside of Balder’s Temple when you look up! it will be rather hard to take pics with it since you literally have to look up to see it >.<

- kittie / dollliah
lunariaxfood: Hey kittie, just wanted to say that I really love your work >.< 

hey^^, thank you so much! that means so much to me <3

- kittie / dollliah

i opened up guild options today.. to see who was online… and i saw something that made me smile! haha.. >.< 

i finally got my own title!