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gethfetish: how do u get to the secret garden tell me 

haha, its the view you have right outside of Balder’s Temple when you look up! it will be rather hard to take pics with it since you literally have to look up to see it >.<

- kittie / dollliah
lunariaxfood: Hey kittie, just wanted to say that I really love your work >.< 

hey^^, thank you so much! that means so much to me <3

- kittie / dollliah

i opened up guild options today.. to see who was online… and i saw something that made me smile! haha.. >.< 

i finally got my own title!

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 the secret garden

took a while to find this place.. but thanks to my-tera-world  i found it!

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my climbing adventures >.<
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bleh-idk: I just wanted to tell you that your morning sky picture is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen <3 

thank you sweetie <3

- kittie / dollliah
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ran my friend through balder’s temple to get them a little more geared up since they just reached 60 today. it was my first time in there, which made it really awkward because i had no idea what i was doing… and we had NO dps… so it ended up being a really slow run. however… i did get these screenies.. i just find her so beautiful x.x

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so today i reached an amazing milestone that i never thought i’d reach! im proud to say i have 1k  followers! thank you so much for your support, and your patience with me! loggin in to this amazing tumblr - sub community is the best part of my day! 

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seeing double <3

cloned Golding to make this.. thought the poses were adorable together.. <3 

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my-cute-w0rld: I love u ♥ 

o.o i think our relationship is moving too fast! XD! haha

- kittie / dollliah
desto154: Are you active in Guild Wars 2 at all? 

hai! you kno, i played GW2  a while ago when it first got released, and i never really got into it.. i think some of the problem was that i wasnt really done with aion at the time… idk. so the answer to your question is no, i am not currently active in GW2! D= 

the graphics are so nice in gw2 tho x.x

- kittie / dollliah
Anonymous: What are the best guilds in your server? 

this is rather a tricky question. because there’s no “best” guild per-say it’s all based on different factors and personal interest. however,  if you mean what guilds are known to be the “best” for pvp, i would have to say: Good Fight and  Blacklist. At least that’s what people in Global are agreeing to at the moment haha… 

- kittie / dollliah

giorgioholliday said: I am a blade and soul fan, and I always wondered how tera is. So how is that game?

hey Gio! first off.. i love the song on ur blog ^.^  second you look like shia labeouf ( im sure you get that all the time! ) third.. well there are alot of complaints about end game on tera - but i think there is a always a expected lul at the end of most mmos… so i dont complain alot.. i think if you have the right people to play with end game on tera can be quite fun!.. other than that, the instances are unique, the graphics are amazing, the fight style is simply phenomenal.. and it’s one of the few games that i dont mind pve or leveling in.. i def think it’s a game that you might want to try ^.^ 

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So i asked this guy (Matanga of MT) if i could take pics of his fking amazing baraka…. he never answered me so i decided to be a complete stalker and take pics of him and Stallaris standing in Velika.. so if you know Matanga from mount tyrannas, tell him i totally stole these screenshots while he was afk and now he’s famous. x.x his costume matched my gold devilious costume and awesome mask.. i couldnt pass it up!

… level with me.. isnt this the sexiest baraka you’ve ever met? 

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The Light Bringer

My Little Stallaris dressed as a cute black/golden succubus. i adore this crown! took me like 3 hours to get this photoset up because of the power outage here… there’s a huge storm raging outside x.x

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