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Golden Year

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original . SD

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Black Reach ~ 

i have nothing to put here.. >.> idk.. this is skyrim.. lol 

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Rise to Battle
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Opening Cinematic for Diablo 3 

>.< i was practicing using a cinematic to make gifs.. x.x 

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Purple Dreams effect by Stallaris

love this guy. he never forgets to credit me >.< not to mention he always uses my actions in the best way, im never disappointed by his applications. ^.^ 

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noob-priest-rising: Welcome back. :) It's nice to see you posting stuff again. 

thank you so much <3

- ? kittie / dollliah
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Orion OC

after i got my errands done today i sat down and made a cute little chibi OC and named her Orion.. because that’s my favorite constellation.. her hair is supposed to be purple with sparkles like the night sky but i decided to turn it into a gif instead. as for the outfit, i was making concept art last night and this turned out to be my favorite.. although i actually like this version better than the original which you can find HERE .. she’s supposed to look like THIS however haha.. anyways.. not a great artist but ive been finding more time to practice lately.. 

ps.. im totally aware this has nothing to do with tera.. or aion.. or bns.. D=    #tagabuser

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drew some cloudy skies.. not sure why.. i was inspired by game graphics.. not that any skies actually look like this.. i just have nothing much to post these days x.x waiting for the bestie to wake up so we can play SIMS!

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lotagani: hello, I just wanted to introduce myself~ Thank you so much for following, as you can see, I started my Tera blog just today. And I'll apologize for the high level of reblog spam that will probably come from me, haha. 

hello there sweetheart! thank you for the introduction, haha im kittie <3 tera is such an amazing game, you will have tons of fun! and dont worry about the spam.. x.x im so flattered ^.^

- ? kittie / dollliah
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reblog - i always loved this edit.. im currently not posting anything new til i get sims up and running (and figured out ) i dont even have any left over screenshots x.x i deleted them all. i also uninstalled all my games, including aion, tera and bns.. =/ gawd this is so hard.

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kumashii: Welcome back, dear ^^ ! 

Thank you :) it’s good to be back!

- ? kittie / dollliah