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dreamygalaxy: This is the finished video > Amos Lee - Colors [Sub ENG/ESPAÑOL] < c: ! You can watch my video if you want or not, I just wanted to translate this song to spanish, anyway thank you again for let me use your image >u< 

awhh thats an amazing song ^^ 

- kittie / dollliah
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I’ve been logging on Civi more and more recently, trying to get the courage to talk to Chode again and well… I finally did. I wanted to fix things between us. But he’s done with me. Chode always held me to a standard I felt I couldn’t reach. And when my emotional state started to deteriorate, I…

interesting.. when you hear both sides of the story x.x 

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catching snowflakes <3

im so excited to have gotten the dyable arin’s maid costume >.< i dyed it red, so it would stand out in the snow. trying out a new snow brush i made in photoshop and im absolutely in love with the results!

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dreamygalaxy: Hi! Can I use the second image > post/93808299063/morning-sky-was-inspired-by-morning-skies-not < in a video that I'm going to upload to YouTube? Just that image, it's only a lyrics video. I'll give your credits at the end, please c: ! I really need your permission >u< (sorry for my bad english) 

you are more than welcome to use it ^.^ thank you so much for asking me first! feel free to show me the finished product!

- kittie / dollliah
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Spend an afternoon in the City of Wheels..

Velika has such a bad reputation for being ugly x.x  i find it quite pretty, it just needs different lighting <3 with some tlc, velika screenies can come out so spectacular ^.^

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it's just business 

got the legitimate business suit for Hemie today.. so i bought a fedora to match it… i can finally check  this costume off my wishlist.. although i’d like to own the dyable version x.x

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not-vivienne: Your edits are so pretty @_@! 

thank you so much dear ^^

- kittie / dollliah
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Island of Dawn

is amazing i dont see more pics of this place.. it’s so pretty!

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- one with nature

Hemie rocking the War Bonnet.. she’s possibly the cutest Indian princess you’ll ever meet. i thought long and hard about what her name would be - i havent really come up with anything.. but since i call her my hamster im thinking something hamster related lol

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Pretty In Pink

Hem was a vision in pink.. she got a make over and im absolutely loving the white hair on her! i love the color pink, and although i dont wear it often, i have no problem dressing my baby priest in it from head to toe <3

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yeorn: Hello, Kiitie :3. How are you doing? I'm really fascinated by all the hardwork you put into these pictures :D. I'm wondering is there a program you use to take pictures on Tera? Or you just screenshot them because the quality looks really amazing compared to my screenshots I take. 

hello yeorn thank you for your message ^^ im doing well! and thank you for your compliments. i keep my graphics at max, so that means setting 6 in your options tab. however having a good graphic’s card helps improve your quality. other than that, no i dont have a special program to take pictures with, although if i had to guess, running the screenshot through photoshop and sharpening it a little does tend to clean it up alot. ^^

- kittie / dollliah
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They call me a Dreamer..

stressing lately - editing helps me settle down a little. i got lucky with this costume, wasnt expecting it.. bought the kitty hat finally! <3

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rick-everdeen: Heyy Kittie how are u? i saw that u are/was playing Aion and i and know What is ur server? asmo or Elyos? and more one question >.> its difficult Hit the Max level there? Thanks and i Love ur closet haha i want all for Lali =p 

hey rick! im doing well <3 

well i do not have aion downloaded as of now, however i have a level 65 Songweaver (Crystal) 65 Cleric (Kittie) and a 50 Spiritmaster (Candie)! i played on the server Siel, as an Elyos ^.^ it used to be harder to hit max level, but now it’s not as hard with the help of the innocent merek pet that you can buy via cash shop - it’s relatively cheap.. it gives you 50%, 100% or 200% xp amulets every hour when you feed her ^.^

- kittie / dollliah
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Save the Trees!

my guildies are seriously amazing.. they all let me dress them up in green and take pictures of them lol - after every single one of us dc’d, relogged, bought dyes and plant weapons - i finally got them all to stand still long enough to get some cute pics. 

featuring: Savior, Giant.Chodere, Noxxie and Me <3

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